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Gas Furnace TG9S (Latitude Series)

40 to 130 MBH

With a Latitude™ 95% AFUE gas-fired furnace, it’s easy to cut heating costs up to 31% compared to most furnaces that are 20 years old. For instance, our hot surface ignition technology doesn’t waste fuel like a standing pilot does. Self-cleaning Inshot burners precisely regulate the fuel mixture to ensure efficient, quiet and clean operation. And, a 100% shut-off main gas valve will completely turn off all gas flow to assure your safety. Plus, the 95% models are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

  • Compact 33-inch cabinet easily fits in tight spaces
  • Solid front door panel construction and folded metal edges improve durability
  • Advanced heat exchanger simplifies gas flow path and reduces number of parts
  • Low flame sense indicator ensures safe shutdown in unusual firing conditions
  • Economical servicing thanks to a design using common serviceable parts


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