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Gas Furnace TM9V (LX Series)

60 to 120 MBH

Comfort with a conscience
These days, energy costs and environmental issues concern everyone. York® LX gas furnaces can reduce energy costs nearly 40% compared to furnaces that are 20 years old. And, with up to a 96% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating on our high-efficiency models, they have earned some of the highest ratings in the industry. You will also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furnace is ENERGY STAR® qualified as one of the most energy-efficient furnaces you can buy!

Save money with minimal investment
The LX furnaces feature a quiet, high-efficiency air circulating fan motor which operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional motors. As an added benefit, these motors can increase the overall efficiency of your complete York® heating and cooling system, saving you even more money with minimal investment!

Two-stage gas furnaces offer an immediate level of performance. Operation varies between first and second stage based on demand.

Savings you can see
Advanced York® LX gas furnaces are much more efficient than many older units. Add this benefit to greater reliability and reduced service costs, and an LX furnace purchase can pay for itself quickly.

Greater care for your indoor air
Two-stage models are available with a super-quiet, high-efficiency variable-speed ECM fan motor which circulates air for longer periods at a fraction of the cost. Longer run times mean fewer hot and cold spots and longer periods of air filtering, resulting in cleaner and more comfortable air. Plus, fewer starts and stops make variable-speed models 24 times less noisy than conventional furnaces.

ClimaTrak™ customizes your comfort level
Now you can enjoy custom comfort regardless of whether you live in a dry, temperate or humid climate. That's because York® two-stage models featuring the variable-speed ECM fan motor include ClimaTrak™ technology that allows your installer to set an operating cycle that works best in a particular climate.

How comfortable is your wallet?
By matching your York® system with other York® equipment, you will maximize energy efficiency. Ask your York® dealer about central air conditioning systems, heat pumps, fans, filters, IAQ equipment and advanced controls to complete your system. Talking to your dealer will keep you informed, save you money and time, and protect your family’s health — all part of York® Comfort.


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