Unparalleled Allard & Emond service

Allard & Emond à Montréal offers you a range of products and services to keep your family or business in total comfort. Our technicians are competent, experienced and professional for responding to your needs.


Service 3923For more than thirty years, our certified installers provide you with their expertise in the multitude of heating and air conditioning solutions.

On top of state-ate-of-the-art technology, technicians, sellers and installers provide you with the best technical innovation according to (importantly):
  • your investment ability;
  • future operating costs;
  • environmental impact analysis;
  • evaluating your needs, analyzing the dimensions of your installation and proposing A. SOLUTION that works for you, that's our job! Quality, energy efficiency, comfort and respecting your budget are always our priorities.

For renovations or replacement, or for new constructions, contact one of our specialists at 514-332-6666 #0


Service 3033Certified installers are specially-trained for the brands we have chosen and have two commitments: efficiency and perfect aesthetic positioning.

They integrate your heating system with your home's decor.

Strict adherence to industry standards ensures optimal performance for your appliance such as air conditioners, thermopumps, heating systems.

After-sales service

Service 9054Allard & Emond has excellent after-sales service. Problem? Doubt? Question? We are with you and will process your request as soon as possible.






Contact a specialist for an assessment of your needs: 514-332-6666
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